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The ultimate boat and pontoon anchoring shock absorber!
Easily anchor in the roughest conditions!
*All Anchor Shocks are now available with Stainless Steel clasps*


Anchoring is now easier than ever with the Anchor Shock! The Anchor Shock is made of heavy duty, "Made in the USA" marine-grade shock cord to reduce tension on your anchor and boat to give you the best anchoring device available on the market!

When the waves jerk your boat, the Anchor Shock stretches to eliminate the pull on the anchor rope and elminate anchor dragging.

Whether its a day at the sand bar or fishing your favorite hot spot, we offer a variety of products to best suit your needs.

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Anchor Shock Absorber

The Anchor Shock was developed so that fishermen will be able to anchor on their favorite spot even in the roughest of conditions. The Anchor Shock is constructed using only the finest "Made in the USA" marine-grade shock cord, Made in the USA Heavy Duty corrosion resistant clip hooks, and Stainless Steel connecting rings.

The Anchor Shock works by using the shock absorbing qualities of the cord effectively reducing the constant "Jerking" your anchor rope does to the anchor everytime your boat is hit by a wave. Think of it this way, How would your truck ride in a plowed field with no shocks? This shock absorbing quality allows you to use less anchor rope, smaller anchors, and no more heavy chains that do a ton of damage to your boat every time you pull them in.


Using Anchor Shock is very easy and will make your day fishing much more enjoyable. Here is a brief overview:

1. Get to your HOT spot and decide where you want to fish.

2. Insert loop end of Anchor Shock through the cleats on the boat.

3. Go far enough up wind and drop your anchors, remember, using the Anchor Shock you will use 30-50% less rope, and have 3 times better anchor hook up than prior to using Anchor Shock.

4. Put a small loop in your anchor rope at the desired distance and clip the loop though the clip hook on the Anchor Shock.

5. You are ready to fish.

P.S. We also have found that using Anchor Shock, it is much easier to reposition your boat closer to the anchors without them pulling lose if you need to move slightly.


Use two Anchor Shocks to anchor your boat sideways against the waves by putting an anchor out in the front and back with an Anchor Shock attached to each rope

Attach an Anchor Shock to a drift sock to improve the effectiveness of drifting over your fishing spot

Hook an Anchor Shock off of a front bow cleat to anchor your boat into the waves to allow for an even smoother ride

Attach an Anchor Shock to your boat when anchoring at a dock for the day or month

Adding an Anchor Shock to your anchor rope is a great idea while parking at the sand bar. With big waves rolling in and boats nearby, anchoring can be a pain, and Anchor Shock holds your anchor in place using less rope.

Anchor Shock is a product of G5 Products LLC.
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